IITB at AUVSI 16th International RoboSub Competition

The Team from IITB Bombay came in 10th Place in AUVSI Foundation and ONR’s 16th International RoboSub Competition which had about 30 International Teams
participating this year.

We were able to achieve good results during the practice runs and semi-final round 1 and
looked to improve our score and ranking compared to previous year. However due to a combination of subsystems not working properly we were not able to improve our score in semi-final round 2 .

Below is playlist of videos taken during the practice and semi final runs


Back After Working on RoboSub during Summer

Back After working on Image processing for Autonomous Robot as part of RoboSub competition for past 1-2 months.

Small clip of underwater bot performing various task based on visual feedback

Links to Original And processed videos are provided below



Below is the link to our team video