Mounting google docs drive on ubuntu 12.04

google-docs-fs can enable us to mount the google docs/drive on 
local machine and use it like a stograge drive
Install The following softwares on ubuntu 12.04
Python 2.7 or later       —-interactive high-level object-oriented language
gdata-python-client-1.3.0 — Google Data python Client
python-fuse-0.2           —-userspace virtual filesystem
mercurial  (optional)     —– distributed version control systemDownload the source from or run the command
hg clone google-docs-fs
to get the latest source for google-docs-fs

Go the direction where the souce code is present and run the command
su ./ install
This completes the installation process.
Mount the drive :
gmount <local_direction>

At the prompt enter the gmail account password.The contents of google docs/drive is mounted to local directory
You can configure the terminal proxy if required.Refer the earlier blob to configure proxy for ubuntu 12.04
for the same.

Unmount the drive :
to unmount the drive use the command
gunmount <local_directory>

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